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Project is cancelled .

From now on working on a new original idea called Nucλear Gear . 

Here is the website

Currently looking for artists , music composers and scenario writers ,, the game will be ptp so after it is finished there you will have a percentage of the sales email


Laptop crashed with windows 8 instantly ... so much for performance :)

But i had everything in backup...

So i had to reinstall everything on my desktop, feels weird working from here but it has a huge display and more

space i can work 

Basic tutorial is near completion ...

Bone dragon animations nearly over.... 

How do you like the icon ?



New release r10

Changes :

Totally new graphics

Finished unit card artwork and unit icons artwork

Nearly finished the basic tutorial and unit cards tutorial

Remixed the original chromosphere track by Prism to give it a more medieval feel with Mad Tracker

Made a moon phase cycle so that in the game there is full moon every 21 days

Fixed most bugs and made the game much much more stable , improved physics and new intro

Better performance as now the game manages objects much better 

Finished writing the campaign scenario , it's all on paper now 

Drawn new campaign map

Let me present you ... The Land ! Home of Middlemen , the forest where Peigans dwell ,the ground where Unrested lay ,and the battlefield where Illuminated want to bring their banner of faith !



I'm back and the project is still very much alive

In the last months there has been made more progress than ever

I was developing on my free time on board a bulk carrier ship going China-Australia 

will be posting pics soon !!

right now installing windows 8 and posting next release notes in a while...

however the changes are so many that i most probably won't remember them all !

New screenshot (going to post much more soon):



Traveling to Australia so development will be set back couple of days , will be bosting pics soon !!!


Just made this website

Fixed most menu bugs

Added psevdo-shader effects and unfocus and motion blur

Added new graphics

Changed main theme music

New gfx for tutorial selection and decals

Screenshots :